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In 1969, the Maryland General Assembly enacted a new testamentary Law for the state which is, in effect, a modified version qf the Uniform Probate Code and is now codified as Article 93 of the Maryland Annotated Code. Generally acclaimed as one of the most significant acts of legislation in recent Maryland history, the new Article 93 reflects an accommodation of a few radical changes within the time honored body of estate law. Certain probate procedures, in particular, have undergone significant revision. The following Check List and Basic Guide to the Administration of Decedents' Estates represents one institution's efforts at providing a "road map" for compliance with the procedural requirements for probate and administration under the new law. Recognizing the intrinsic value of this document, both for the young lawyer and for the more experienced members of the practicing bar who may not be familiar with the new procedures, the Board of Editors decided that it was deserving of general distribution. For their kind permission to reprint the Check List and Guide, the Board is grateful to Mr. James G. McCabe and the Trust Department of Maryland National Bank.

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