Trumping the Court

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President Donald J. Trump has named Judge Neil Gorsuch as his first Supreme Court nominee. Let the confirmation games begin!

Of course, the Supreme Court is a vital part of our government’s delicate balance of power. There is great anxiety created for some by the nomination of a known conservative who has issued opinions that are considered by liberal activists as out of the “mainstream.” President Trump did just as he promised during the campaign, to nominate a conservative judge in the mold of Antonin Scalia.

Judge Gorsuch has been part of judicial decisions such as favoring the religious rights of corporations in the Hobby-Lobby case. He also authored decisions that have been described as “anti-worker.” Members of the civil rights old guard like the Rev. Jesse Jackson recently voiced concerns that Gorsuch’s judicial approach would likely “constrict” traditional civil rights protections. I hope this is not the case.