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I’m afraid that universities, which like to perceive themselves as places of culture in a chaotic world, are not quite that wonderful. Of course, some are better than others; not all of them are hotbeds of radical turmoil, but a disturbing number have come to be focal points of loud and strident opposition to the state of Israel.

Although the volume of overt antisemitic acts may have in fact declined over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in anti-Zionist rhetoric and activity on campuses around the country and around the world. The two concepts are not always identical, but in today’s world they are virtually synonymous.

Antisemitism is not just name-calling, but something much more corrosive. My recent article “In an Academic Voice” ( examines the relationship between antisemitic and anti-Zionist speech and conduct and how they both play out on contemporary university campuses, and suggests ways in which such rhetoric and conduct can be constitutionally confronted.

In any event, my article looks at the historical backdrop, examining the seeds of Marxism, the use of big lies as opposed to facts, and the so-called “occupation” in modern Israel.


Part of the Journal for the Study of Antisemitism 2013 London Sunday Symposium.



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