University of Baltimore Journal of International Law


One of President Barack Obama’s favorite solutions to reducing or halting armed conflict in the world centers around his often-stated desire to rid the world of nuclear weapons. While this simplistic formula for a more peaceful world has certainly been voiced by other occupants of the oval office, the world is, and always has been, an extremely dangerous place, and the machinations of competing spheres of power in a “Game of Thrones” will always exist in human history. Coupled with an aggressive Russia and China, the dangers associated with the new era of radical Islamic extremism rubricate the need to view the naiveté of President Obama’s vision of a planet without nuclear weapons with great caution, particularly when a large part of the so-called Obama solution calls for the unilateral weakening of America’s nuclear arsenal.

To the serious student of history, the maintenance of a welltrained military—armed to the teeth with the best weapons availble— is far more than a political or philosophical issue; it is an absolutely vital component to the national well-being of any freedom-loving nation, including the United States of America. Simplistic epigrams about “peace and brotherhood” achieved through unilateral reductions of America’s nuclear arsenal only encourage the probability of war by non-democratic entities. In the modern era, a well-provisioned nuclear arsenal serves as a significant deterrent to aggressive behavior by those rogue nations who possess nuclear weapons.



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