Grow Up and Get Over Your Hillary Hang-ups

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The Baltimore Sun

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Do you recall as a child resisting when you were given two or more options, neither of which you found palatable? For example, do your homework now or no television tonight (insert digital device in place of television if you were born within 20 years of this millennium). If you were like me, you complained, perhaps even rebelled, when faced with such distasteful choices.

A funny thing happened to me in the last five decades, however: I grew up. Growing up means being confronted regularly with choices that you may not especially like, but have to make for the greater good — like choosing to work late, or spend Thanksgiving with your spouse's family or forgo dessert.

Many people don't like the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election. I speak to those of you who complain regularly about the failings of these candidates, those of you who believe that she is dishonest and he is unfit to be president. Most respectfully, to you I say: too bad. Life isn't easy; get over it. You need to make a difficult choice knowing that you will not be entirely satisfied with the person you vote for.