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Regardless of his finish in the primaries, Mr. Buchanan is determined to be heard from at the Republican National Convention in late summer. Mr. [Bob Dole] would like his endorsement for the votes it would provide, but cannot be serious about hoping "that Pat Buchanan would find it in his heart as a good Republican to join forces and close ranks." Can good Republicans be outright bigots? Does Mr. Dole have a political death wish?

What's in Mr. Buchanan's heart is the cause. "We'll go forward," he vowed on national television, "fighting for the cause." But the purity of the cause is forever tainted by the essential Buchanan: a mean-spirited racist, an articulate hatemonger, a political pundit who relishes his reputation for pulling few punches when attacking blacks, liberals, Jews and Israel.

A master of ad hominem attack invites the same in return. Bob Dole must challenge [Patrick J. Buchanan], and ultimately hold him accountable, for all that he has said and written. It won't be easy. Mr. Dole must not allow himself to be out-Scriptured by Mr. Buchanan, who professes to be motivated by the Bible.




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