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MD Dems Podcast - https://soundcloud.com/user-980052594/ep-23-show-me-the-money


Episode 23

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Should college athletes be paid? ft. Del. Brooke Lierman, UB Law Prof. Dionne L. Koller, and Terps Football Starting Center Ellis McKennie. The pod opens with a quick synopsis of the state of affairs for Division I athletes' ability to be paid. Prof. Koller & Ellis break it down from both a legal and player's perspective (4:00). Del. Lierman talks about her work on a bill to give student athletes the ability to unionize. The legislation was filed in response to the tragic death of Jordan McNair who died during a University of MD football practice, and would give players an independent representative outside of the Athletic Department and give them the ability to bargain for wages (11:30). The conversation then turns to California's controversial decision to pass statewide legislation allowing players to sign endorsement deals and hire agents (20:50). Is Maryland ready to follow? Will Title IX be impacted and would women athletes be compensated fairly (30:30)? The three discuss the risks associated with big time college athletics and the truth about "student athletes" attending four year universities because they do not have viable semi-pro/developmental league options (33:35). Ellis explains what the NCAA's new "cost of attendance" stipend is for Power 5 Conference athletes(40:45). Del. Lierman says she will renew her push to create laws to fix student-athlete compensation in next year's legislative session (45:00). The episode closes with a discussion on the ever-expanding post seasons for D1 athletes (47:20).