University of Baltimore Journal of International Law


This paper examines the impeachment mechanism in Egypt after the 2011 Revolution and the 2013 events and the removal of Presidents Hosni Mubarak and Mohamed Morsi. In doing so, the paper will provide a critical analysis to the impeachment clauses in both the 2012 and 2014 Constitutions, in an attempt to discover to what extent the pre 2011 impeachment differs from that of post 2011. Further, it addresses the issue of whether the recall election could make a good alternative to impeachment in Egypt. Specifically, we will briefly shed light on the history of the recall device as well as its emergence as one feature of direct democracy. Our focus will then shift to discussing the possibility of adopting the recall device in Egypt and the challenges that might face such adoption. Eventually, we will propose a recall provision that could replace impeachment in Egypt’s current constitution.